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We all hope that the agents that we hire are good, but the law of averages would dictate that many as advertised. Essentially, there are about three or four different characteristics that separate the good ones from the bad. Understanding these things can be the difference between your home being sold for the right price or even selling it at all.

Negotiations. The good agent must be, nearly, a master-negotiator. They’re in the business of trading the property of items that are well over the $100K mark. You simply wouldn’t want to put your most-prized possession in the hands of a person who can’t get the job done in the best way.

Customer service. Politeness is the key, and goes hand in hand with the first point. They need to make you and potential buyers or sellers feel relaxed and comfortable enough to get a deal done with them. If they’re rude or not personable, they’re not a good agent.

Access to materials and resources. An agent’s resources and materials are as important as a builder’s hammer and nails. They need to be dependable, able, and efficient. If not, they won’t be able to get the price that you want, and at the very least - they’ll probably be somewhat misinformed.